Sunday, January 12, 2014

I am curious...Where are all the lawyers he claims he has?  Where is his " legal team"?  Why does Mr. Martin need to hand write a complaint? Clearly you'd think that he could afford a lawyer. 

How upset he will be when the people that he has defamed finally catch up with him. 

Welcome to the Anti-Kevin Martin Zone....

Ever wonder why everyone thinks Kevin Martin is the laughing stock of the weather community?  Watch this blog for evidence as to Mr. Martin's attempts to silence those who stand up against him.  There are dozens of people that Kevin and his brother have defamed, slandered and made death threats against. 

Kevin Martin's handwritten law suit against NOAA and the National Weather Service have been uncovered. 

I wonder what happens when Kevin Martin violates other peoples civil rights.  Do you think he expects people to just "leave them alone"?  He doesn't seem to be leaving NOAA and the National Weather Service alone.